Photo: Maarit Kytöharju
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My new album "Meeting Point" by Manuel Dunkel United & Proton String Quartet was released in april by Texicalli Records. This time I entered new musical territory as a band leader by composing and arranging music for both jazz quartet and string quartet. I hope youīll like the results!

To check out the sound clips and distribution of this album, please go LISTEN -page.

"On "Meeting Point" Manu has taken what he has developed as a jazz saxophonist and integrated it into what he has learned about both jazz and classical composition. The result is a very personal combination of all his influences put together...and this is a very important a way that does not sound derivative. The compositions here strike a perfect balance of written material and open spaces for improvisation. Manuís improvisations fit seamlessly into the fabric of the writing. The songs are varied in style and mood, yet maintain a unified feel throughout. One of he most important unifying element is Manuís always beautiful sound on both tenor and soprano which are captured perfectly on this recording. The music is intelligent, soulful, haunting, funky, elegant and joyful. Iíve already listened to it several times and plan on spending more time doing so. I invite you to do the same. Bravo Manu!"

-Rick Margitza